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8 virtual museum visits around the world


1 The Smithsonian (The National Museum of Natural History – Washington, USA)

Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian’s permanent, past and current exhibitions.


2 The Oriental Institute Museum (Chicago, USA)

Enjoy the Oriental Institute Museum’s 360° interactive virtual tour!  See the history, art, and archaeology of the ancient Near East.



3 The Museo del Prado (Madrid, Spain)

Here you can find many of the works in the Prado together with information about each painting.



4 The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa in New York, USA)

On the MoMa site, children can take a fun virtual tour of the modern art in this museum, stopping to look at what they want as they move around.



5 The British Museum (London, UK)

Use Google’s Arts and Culture app to get a ‘street view’ of the art and history treasures inside the British Museum.



6 The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met – New York, USA)

Navigate your way around all the wonderful art in the Met using Google’s Arts and Culture app.



7 The Louvre (Paris, France)

The Louvre offers three virtual tours: its Egyptian Antiquities, the Remains of the Louvre’s Moat (showing the mediaeval Louvre) and the Gallery D’Apollon (with its decorative arts).



8 Google’s Arts and Culture app

On this app Google give you access to artwork and artefacts from hundreds of museums around the world.  You can zoom in on images of the art or even take tours of museums.



A guide to free museums in Spain


Christmas science lectures


Enjoy science at Christmas with these exciting lectures!  Enjoy them in English at the Royal Institute in London on video or in person in Spanish at the CSIC in Madrid.

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