Natural Science Learn Together
Canary Islands

A flexible and adaptable Natural Science course with a 360° evaluation tool for continuous teacher, peer and self-evaluation.

  • Personalise the learning process and create perfectly designed lessons with the new 360° evaluation tool.
  • A systematic approach to cooperative learning, blended with the scientific method, means all pupils are actively involved. 
  • Bring authentic learning and real-world problem solving to your classroom with a range of optional projects.
  • Build pupils’ confidence in speaking with language support sections and new interactive language activities on the ByME digital platform. 
  • The new ByME digital platform brings everything you need as a teacher in one interactive space.

Natural Science Learn Together - Modules

Natural Science Learn Together is now available as modules. With 18 different modules to choose from, no matter what your timetable, you’ll find the right option for you. All modules include a digital option for pupils and teachers
Natural Science modules
All modules contain material from the Pupil’s Book, Activity Book and a Glossary. You can combine all these elements into one smooth teaching experience
Level 1
  • My senses and me
  • Healthy habits
  • All about animals
Level 2
  • What my body does
  • Discover animals
  • Discover plants
Level 3
  • Interaction
  • Animals
  • Matter and energy
Level 4
  • Inside your body
  • Plants and animals
  • Matter and energy
Level 5
  • Interaction and health
  • The Earth's biosphere and ecosystems
  • Energy and technology
Level 6
  • Nutrition
  • Ecosystems and living things
  • Electricity and magnetism