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Human Rights and Solidarity Days!


This set of lessons from Oxfam will you cover Human Rights Day (10 December) and Human Solidarity Day (20 December) with your students.  It combines concepts relating to inequality in the world and also how graphic design and infographics can be used to help students enhance their projects.

How to engage secondary students in science!


The Science Museum Group has devised this approach to help develop young people’s involvement and engagement with science.  Do your students have enough ‘science capital’?

All about autumn!


The people from The Cyber Archive have made this video to explain 15 interesting facts about autumn, ranging from the game ‘conkers’ and pumpkin production in the US to celebrate Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving to why leaves change colour.

The origins of Hallowe’en


Introduce the origins of Hallowe’en to your students with this video from fiveminded.com.

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