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Exploring wheels and levers at the MUNCYT


The Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología in Alcobendas (MUNCYT) has opened a new exhibition, Ruedas y manivelas.

Dalí. Master at metamorphoses

The Mayoral art gallery in Barcelona is presenting an exciting new exhibition of the work of Salvador Dalí, bringing together a selection of canvas, watercolours, collages, drawings and sculptures. 

Experiment year 2100

A great exhibition at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona which seeks to answer three fascinating questions: What’s waiting for us on the Earth of the future? How will we live in the year 2100? And what are the challenges we face in the 21st century? 

PlastiHistoria de la ciencia

The Casa de la Ciencia in Seville is bringing the history of science to us this autumn...in plasticine! 
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