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Picasso. German Records in Málaga

This exhibition from the Museo Picasso Málaga explores the connections, parallels and differences between the work of Pablo Picasso and a select group of German artists who were his contemporaries in the figurative tradition.

Explore the inside of the human body in Oviedo!

Take an unforgettable journey around the inside of the human body and get to know just what is under your skin.

Second beginning. Arts in Catalonia. 1950–1977

Celebrating twenty-seven years of Catalonian Art in a new exhibition at The Museu National d’Art de Catalunya.

Mummies - Witnesses of the past


The Parque de las Ciencias in Granada is hosting a fascinating exhibition on mummies. They are a direct window to the past and can help us answer questions like: How long did we live for? What did we look like and what did we eat? And what were our societies like? 

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