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Be an expert in CLIL with Universitat de Barcelona

The Universitat de Barcelona and Macmillan are proud to present the new Expert in CLIL course. Acquiring CLIL skills is essential in plurilingual teaching contexts to be able to teach curricular subjects effectively, and to develop professionally.

Become an expert in CLIL!

Bilingual education is gaining increasing presence in both public and private schools throughout Spain. This follows guidelines established by the European Union aiming to improve foreign language learning, at a time when there is increasing societal demand for bilingual schools and centres. The successful implementation of bilingual education relies on the teachers, who must strive to receive the necessary linguistic and methodological training in order to provide quality education in the bilingual setting.

Madrid extends bilingualism into Bachillerato

This school year, Bachillerato classrooms in Madrid will see the first students who have been taught in bilingual programmes in both Primary and then ESO. Selected schools will be able to give any subjects in English in Bachillerato, apart from Spanish Language, Literature and Mathematics.

Eureka! Science and creativity

What is creativity? Can we all be creative? Can you imagine life without creativity? Are you creative? “Eureka, Science and creativity” is a new interactive exposition which will help you answer all these questions and many more.