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How have Olympic athletes changed?

Use this fun video from asapscience to help your students understand sports science, and specifically how Winter Olympics athletes’ bodies change as our understanding of sport improves.  Can they guess exactly how the bodies of figure skaters, ice hockey players and ski jumpers have changed? (Image taken from the asapscience video on

The history of sports photography

Use this slideshow to take your students through the history of sports photography using 15 sports photos.  The slides explain how technology has improved and also how the type of sports photo has changed, ranging from ‘reproducing movement’ in sport to capturing ‘crucial moments’ in sport. (Image taken from the website)

What is the Winter Solstice?

Use this video with clear graphics from to help your students understand the Earth’s tilt and the winter and summer solstices. (Image taken from the video from the website)  

Measuring the Earth’s tilt!

This detailed lesson plan from scienceupdate will help you to guide your students through an experiment to help them understand the Earth’s tilt and the solstices.  It would be great if you could actually do it at the exact time of the Winter Solstice on 21 December!. (Image taken from the Scienceupdate website)

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