Clips & Activities

Fun experiments!

Help your students do some great experiments! It will ignite their curiosity about science while they have fun using materials from their everyday surroundings. (Image taken from the World Science Festival website)

Do the airplane riddle!

Enjoy solving this riddle from ‘TED Talk Science for Kids’ with your learners.  Can they use all their critical thinking skills to solve the problem?. (Image taken from the TED Talk Science for Kids video on YouTube)



10 STEM activities!

Using these activities from Becky’s website ‘’, your pupils will learn to use cheap and recycled materials in different challenges, which will develop their different STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) skills.  What more could you ask for!. (Image taken from the kidworldcitizen website)

Watch and learn how music works!

This short, fun video from the  site by David Reed can be used in class to introduce the concept of the major scale and help learners to understand how all types of music are connected.

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