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National parks activities!

Use these activities from National Parks UK (who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year) to celebrate the European Day of Parks son 24 May.  This example guides learners in how to investigate the characteristics of different species of trees using a ‘tree passport’ – one example among many and varied materials. (Image taken from the

Europarc Junior Rangers in action!

Celebrate the European Day of Parks (24 May) by watching these Junior Rangers (on a video from on YouTube) help look after and learn about the environment and nature all over the continent.  Could your learners do a similar project? (Image taken from YouTube video on the website)

The Museum of Street Art

Watch this striking video by the Vhils x Orelha Negra Collaration (from the Museum of Street Art in Paris) with your learners to introduce them to the concept of street art. The Google Arts and Culture website also has many other examples of street art to study and even has a virtual tour. (Image taken from a video by Vhils x Orelha Negra Collaboration on the Google Arts and Culture website)

Make art like da Vinci!

To celebrate World Art Day (15 April) and Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, use these fun lesson ideas with your learners from the Museum of Boston’s website.  They can practise drawing with correct perspective or even design inventions to solve everyday problems. (Image taken from the web page
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