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International Day of Friendship video

Use this video from the website to introduce your learners to International Day of Friendship (30 July). This day encourages people worldwide to focus on eliminating physical and verbal violence against children and instead promote positive skills and qualities, such as empathy and kindness.  How will your learners relate to the video? (Image taken from the website)

International Day of Friendship activities

Use these activities and the lesson plan from to help your learners celebrate the International Day of Friendship (30 July). They will help them to focus on how to develop healthy, long lasting friendships and understand better how to navigate school life.  Which positive skills and qualities will they learn? (Image taken from website)

World Oceans Day video

Use this video from No Nature No Future to help introduce World Oceans Day (8 June) to your learners and its theme for 2020 ‘Innovation for a sustainable future: 2020’.  Will they be able to predict how to help creatures to have safe homes in our oceans?

Plastic Pollution Lesson

Use this lesson plan from World Oceans Day to help your learners focus on plastic pollution in the oceans and celebrate World Oceans Day (8 June). The activities show learners different solutions related to protecting our oceans. Which activity will they prefer to do to learn more about our oceans?
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