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Origami techniques in STEAM

Celebrate World Origami Day with your learners (10-12 years old) on 11 November with these STEAM activities from which help them understand how origami is used, not only in art, but also in science, technology and engineering. What origami designs will your learners come up with? (Image taken from the website)

Musicianship course

Enjoy doing this free musicianship course (from the National Youth Choir of Great Britan website) with your learners to help them to sing better together.  There are worksheets attached and there is also a link to free youtube videos to accompany the course.  What better way to get your learners ready to perform together.(Image taken from a video by on the youtube website)

Try these free United Nations (UN) e-courses on climate change written by experts for teachers. They provide you with information on a range of related topics so that you will feel confident to deal with them in class.  The topics are: Climate change international legal regime, Children and climate change, Cities and climate change, Human health and climate change, an Open online course on Gender and Environment. These short courses can be done at your own pace and after completing them you can receive a UN CC:Learn Accredited Teacher badge to put on your email.  Why not be the first climate change expert in your school! (Image taken from the website)

All about world population!

These activities from provide plenty of help for your learners to find out more about World Population Day (11 July 2019). The activities focus on population dynamics, environmental connections and societal connections. (Image taken from the website)
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