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Met Kids resources

Use the resources from Met Kids ( to help them to celebrate International Museum Day on 18 May and learn all about art pieces and the history of art. They can watch a video about each object on the map of the museum, discover information about it, use their critical thinking to imagine how, when or why it was used or made and even create some new art of their own.  Where will they go to first on the map? (Image taken from the website)

Dancing and movement in English

Use the Primary songs and movement activity worksheets on this complete website by Dani Griffin (Dancing English) to help your learners celebrate International Dance Day on 29 April. The worksheets show clear actions to accompany each song. The songs help develop pronunciation and promote confidence and cooperation among learners while they enjoy dancing and moving to catchy tunes. Which song will your learners like most? (Image taken from the Dancing English website)

Webinars sobre Office 365 durante la cuarentena

Sway Office is providing a series of webinars about how to use Microsoft’s Office 365 from 12 - 31 March.  These webinars help teachers learn how to deal with teaching their learners remotely using Office 365 tools. (Image taken from the website)

Girls and leadership

This inspiring webite ( will help your learners to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 Febrero) and understand how to become more involved in STEM careers. It helps girls connect with professional STEM women, STEM companies, other learners interested in similar STEM areas and to set up leadership programmes in their schools. Will your female learners set up their own programme? (Image taken from the website)
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