Interesting Links

How to be a street artist!

This video from the website will introduce your learners to the life of a street artist, how she creates her art and what inspires her.  Can they create some similar street art of their own?


(image taken from the website)

Food sustainability activities!

This website from the California Academy of Sciences has many resources to help your learners (aged 11-14) understand more about food sustainability. It has videos, activities, and also a great Design Thinking Challenge to get them to use their critical thinking skills, creativity, teamwork skills and, of course, to develop their STEM skills.

(image taken from the website)

International Day of Peace resources

On the Education page of the Peace One Day website you can scroll down to find different peace-related projects to do with your learners, ranging from Peace Postcards (focusing on core values) to art-related Pinwheels for Peace.  By clicking on Education Resources you will find activities related to a film on Peace One Day, a GoogleDoodle lesson plan and Global Educational Resources with a whole set of lesson plans and even more!

STEM with green cars!

The greenpower project helps children and teens to develop their STEM skills and have fun designing a green car in a competition in which their car is not only judged on its speed, but also on its durability.  How fast can it go, but more importantly, how far can it go?  Will your students rise to the challenge? (image taken from the website)

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