Interesting Links

Girls and leadership

This inspiring webite ( will help your learners to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 Febrero) and understand how to become more involved in STEM careers. It helps girls connect with professional STEM women, STEM companies, other learners interested in similar STEM areas and to set up leadership programmes in their schools. Will your female learners set up their own programme? (Image taken from the website)

How to preserve snowflakes

This interesting link (from the website by Professor Kenneth G. Libbrecht) can help your learners celebrate World Snow Day (19 January) with a fun experiment showing how to preserve snowflakes. Can you learners guess how it is possible to preserve a real snowflake and create a snowflake fossil? (Image taken from the website by Professor Kenneth G. Libbrecht)

All about mountains

This very complete range of resources about mountains (by Mandy Barrow on the primaryhomeworkhelp website) will help your learners to do projects and homework.  They can help to focus learners on World Mountain Day on 11 December 2019 and range from information on how mountains are formed to how the climate crisis can affect their ecosystems. How much do your learners know about the effect of tourism on mountains? (image taken from the primaryhomeworkhelp website by Mandy Barrow)

Musicianship course

Enjoy doing this free musicianship course (from the National Youth Choir of Great Britan website) with your learners to help them to sing better together.  There are worksheets attached and there is also a link to free youtube videos to accompany the course.  What better way to get your learners ready to perform together.(Image taken from a video by on the youtube website)
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