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Google arts and culture experiments!

Google Arts and Culture allows you to carry out fun experiments with your learners so they can learn to work out how art works relate to each other.  In addition, the site has access to art from over 1200 museums and archives around the world. (Image taken from the artsexperiment website on Google)

The benefits of playing chess in primary!

In this guide by Kathy Price and Andre E. Zupans there are lots of fun activities to develop your pupils’ skills in clear thinking and reasoning, improve their memory as well as help with their maths skills.

(Screenshot from the website)

Great free science activities for kids!

Use these resources in and out of class to help your infants and primary students learn about science and other subjects.  These science resources from e-learning for kids are free for all to use, taking into account that not everyone can afford online activities. Do make a donation!

Check out these great science apps for kids!

10 apps to get kids learning about science the fun way

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