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Critical thinking online!

This website (childnet) will give you ideas for raising learners’ awareness of the importance of using critical thinking when browsing the internet.  The lesson plans gives them tools to help them decide whether information online is reliable or not so they can search safely in the future. (Image taken from the

A gravity experiment and more!

The website gives you ideas on how to carry out fun experiments with your learners, for example, to celebrate Isaac Newton’s birthday on 25 December by introducing them to his law of gravity.  Help them to follow in the footsteps of great scientists!

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(image taken from the

How to be a street artist!

This video from the website will introduce your learners to the life of a street artist, how she creates her art and what inspires her.  Can they create some similar street art of their own?


(image taken from the website)

Food sustainability activities!

This website from the California Academy of Sciences has many resources to help your learners (aged 11-14) understand more about food sustainability. It has videos, activities, and also a great Design Thinking Challenge to get them to use their critical thinking skills, creativity, teamwork skills and, of course, to develop their STEM skills.

(image taken from the website)

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