Interesting Links

Paper bag art portfolio!

On Barbara Rucci’s blog ‘ArtBar’, you can find lots of ideas to get your pupils thinking creatively.  This one specifically, shows you how to make portfolios for your pupils to keep their work in from the start of the new school year, using paper bags and very simple materials.(Image taken from the website)

Picture prompts for STEM lessons!

These picture prompts from the New York Times website can be used for any type of lesson, but there are some especially intended for STEM lessons (just scroll down to find them!). (image taken from the New York Times website)

Great free science infographics!

This website ( has great infographics for you to use in your classroom to help with your presentations on different science topics.  Here, for instance, the infographic is about extreme temperatures.  You can click on ‘Education’ and then on ‘Infographics’ to find more examples!  In addition, students can find out about the World Science Festival!. (Image taken from the World Science Festival website)

Google arts and culture experiments!

Google Arts and Culture allows you to carry out fun experiments with your learners so they can learn to work out how art works relate to each other.  In addition, the site has access to art from over 1200 museums and archives around the world. (Image taken from the artsexperiment website on Google)