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Artful activities to make online learning fun

Tuesday, January 26th,
Artful activities to make online learning fun
In this webinar, Jane will share some quick, simple ideas to integrate artful activities that encourage active participation and help make learning fun. Whether learning in-class or online, Art lessons provide pupils with the opportunity to express themselves, share ideas, listen to others and feel connected with their class community. Teachers from every level of primary will take away from this webinar a variety of creative ideas and artful activities that focus on social-emotional learning, creativity and critical thinking skills.

To ensure your active participation, please have 3 pieces of paper and a pencil on hand.
Jane Martin is a teacher, author and life-long learner. She is the author of the ByME Arts and Crafts and New Arts and Crafts Projects series. For over two decades, since her first years as a primary school teacher in California and later in Spain, Jane has been exploring innovative ways to help pupils develop creative and critical thinking skills. In this ever-changing educational landscape, she is excited to share new ideas about creating artful lessons that make learning mindful, meaningful and memorable.

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