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10 exhibitions to visit in Madrid this summer


‘Wilfredo Lam’
Reina Sofía
Until 15th August

This exhibition presents the various stages of the career of Wilfredo Lam, a Cuban artist from the 20th Century known for combining aspects of Modernism with African and Caribbean Symbolism.


‘Vivian Maier: Street Photographer’
Canal de Isabel II
Until 16th August

Vivian Maier was an American artist who saw street photography as more of a passion than a professional activity. This exhibition explores her main artistic interests, and includes never before seen photos that were discovered after her death.


‘Ulises Carrión. Querido Lector. No Lea.’
Reina Sofia
Until 10th October

Ulises Carrión was one of the most important Mexican artists in Conceptual art, and a true leader in the Avant-Garde movement in the 20th Century, both in theory and practice. Amongst the 350 pieces on display are books, videos, magazines, sound works and Mail Art to name but a few.


‘Rémy Zuagg. Cuestiones de Percepción’
Reina Sofia
Until 28th August

In the first monographic exhibition of Rémy Zuagg, visitors can admire over 100 of his pieces, which present conceptual issues, such as language, architecture and urbanism, in an interesting artistic form.


‘Copiado por el Sol’
Museo del Prado
Until 4th September

This exhibition revolves around the book ‘Annals of the Artists of Spain’ written by the Scottish historical writer Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, which documents the evolution of Spanish art and was the first book to include photographic evidence.


‘El Bosco. La Exposición del V Centenario’
Museo Del Prado
Until 11th Sepetember

To mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Hieronymus Bosch (El Bosco), the Prado is holding the most comprehensive exhibition ever organised on the Dutch Renaissance artist. This unique and unrepeatable exhibition brings together more than 75% of the artist’s surviving work and is divided into five thematic sections.


‘Pierre Gonnard, Retratista’
Centro de Arte Alcobendas
Until 3rd September

Pierre Gonnord is a French photographer living in Madrid, who was presented with the Alcobendas International Photography Award last year. The exhibition reflects on his career and features some of his most important pieces.


Lo Conciencia de la Materia
Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas
Until 16th October

In this exhibition, the work of jewellery designer Chus Burés, known for her use of less traditional elements in her pieces, is presented through a monographic retrospective and documentary about her workshops in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Stuttgart and New York.


Torres-García. Un Modelo de Arcadia
Fundación Telefónica
Until 11th September

Joaquin Torres García was a painter, sculptor, muralist, novelist, writer and theorist who lived in both Spain and France during his artistic years. The Fundación Telefónica has put on a retrospective exhibit of his career which features more than 170 pieces previously displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


José Suárez
Instituto Cervantes
Until 9th September

José Suárez, a Galician photographer, was born in 1902 but emigrated to Argentina in 1936 where he continued his work reporting on city life. For this exhibition, photos, personal objects and documentaries are used to explore a key historical period for Galicia and Spain.

World animal day

Use the activities and ideas on the World Animal Day website to celebrate World Animal Day (4 October) with your learners. The ideas are for learners of all ages and focus on raising their awareness of the importance of animals in the world, of their needs and of how looking after them well can benefit us all. Which activities will best suit your learners? (Image taken from the worldanimalday.org.uk website)

Animal community lessons

Use these lesson plans from rootsandshoots.org to do animal community projects focusing on animal shelters with your learners and help them celebrate World Animal Day (4 October). The site (created by the scientist Jane Goodall) promotes empowering young people to build a better future in their communities.  On pages 3 and 4 there are plans for lower primary, primary and secondary learners. How much will they learn about animals in their community and animal shelters? (Image taken from rootsandshoots.org website)
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