Clips & Activities

Monet and Impressionism

This set of activities (from Jodie Gearing on the website) will help your learners understand more about the life of Monet, the Impressionist painter whose birthday is celebrated on 14 November, and also about other Impressionist artists.  In addition, they will find out what the features of Impressionism were and what techniques they used to make their art.  Finally, challenge your learners to make their own Impressionist art.

(image taken from the resource bank on the website)

An introduction to World Food Day!

This video from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations will help to introduce World Food Day (16 October) to your learners and show them what they can do to contribute to a world without hunger by 2030. 


(image taken from the website on

Working for Zero Hunger Activity Book

This Activity Book by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has plenty of activities to help your learners understand food sustainability and how to achieve zero hunger in the world by 2030.  It even has a poster competition to help celebrate World Food Day (16 October).

(image taken from the Zero Hunger Activity Book on the website)

Take part on Peace One Day!

Use the video on this page to introduce to your learners the idea of using football, rugby, dance and DJ sets and other resources to prepare them to celebrate the International Day of Peace.  Then scroll down to ‘Sport’ to find a football-related lesson plan and to ‘Sounds of Peace’ to find a dance/music-related lesson plan.  The section ‘More Simple Ideas’ has even more useful activities to celebrate Peace One Day.  Which activities will your learners prefer?