Clips & Activities

Performing STEM!

Perform (with the collaboration of Big Van in Spain) provides drama activities to help students better understand how science works in the real world and to help them overcome any stereotypes they may have regarding the people who work in science. It will also be useful to help you celebrate World Science Day for Peace and Development (UNESCO) on 10 November. (Image taken from the Perform website)

Why do we scare ourselves?

Enjoy using this TEDed lesson on why we like to scare ourselves with your students. It’s scarily good!

Do ghosts exist?

Use this lesson plan to guide your students and help them to write a scientific report explaining why paranormal phenomena do or don’t exist.(Image taken from pixabay)

Understanding science: getting started!

Enjoy your first science class with your students with these ideas from the University of California Museum of Paleontology website, Understanding Science.  These activities can be used to help introduce your students to science and help them to see how relevant it is to their everyday lives.(Image taken from the Understanding Science website)

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