Clips & Activities

Science Museum views

Use this resource of 10 Science Museum views from of different areas of the museum to guide your learners around and celebrate International Museum Day (18 May). There are also 16 science stories ranging from astronomy to alchemy. Which view will your learners look at first? 

Art challenge

Use this activity from the Iris ( to challenge your learners to recreate a scene from a famous piece of art and celebrate International Museum Day (18 May) at the same time.  They can then share it with others and also learn about art. Which piece of art will they choose to reproduce? (Image taken from the Iris on the website)

The physics of ballet

Use this video and related lesson resources by Arleen Sugano on to help your learners understand the physics of the hardest dance move in ballet. What better way to celebrate International Dance Day on 29 April. Can your learners guess how long the dancer manages to continue the move for over 30 seconds without falling over? (Image taken from a lesson by Arleen Sugano on the website)

Learning science with dance

Use this 5-week scheme of work from (by Inez Morse) to help your learners to celebrate the International Day of Dance (29 April). It combines learning about science and dance to help learners understand how light works and the concept of travelling in dance. What better and more creative way to develop more inquisitive and rounded learners. (Image taken from the plan by Inez Morse on the website)
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