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Our planet’s polar ice

Show your learners this video by Our Planet about the three different types of polar ice, how climate change affects them and the effect of that on the environment.  The Our Planet website is a collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and it has links to other resources for schools. Can your learners identify the three types of ice? (Image taken from a youtube video by

Our frozen oceans

Help your learners become more familiar with our frozen oceans in the Arctic and the Antarctic with these activities and resources (for 6 to 14 year olds) from the World Wildlife Fund and Our Planet.  The activities also highlight which of the UN’s sustainable development goals are covered.  Help them learn more about why ice is important, what we can do to preserve it and about the animals and creatures in these oceans.  Can your learners guess why ice is important? (Image taken from the website)

World population growth

Introduce your learners to the theme (population growth) of World Population Day (11 July 2019) with this video on Vimeo from, showing how the world population has grown throughout the decades and some of the milestones which have affected this.  Can they predict where the population grows faster? (Image taken from on Vimeo)

World populations stats!

Celebrate World Population Day (11 julio 2019) by using this interactive map and timeline from to allow your learners to see for themselves how different milestones (relating to food and agriculture, health, people and society, the environment, science) have impacted on world population growth throughout history. In addition, they can find information on fossil fuel CO2 emissions, fertility rates, urbanisation and life expectancy. What will they discover about where they live? (Image taken from the website)
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