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Fold mountains experiment

Use this fun video with an experiment from SciShow Kids to help your learners understand how fold mountains are formed and start to focus on World Mountain Day (11 December 2019). Can they think of any fold mountain ranges like this near where they live? (Image taken from a video by SciShow Kids on YouTube)  

Mountains matter

Use these great resources from to help your learners focus on World Mountain Day (11 December). It has plenty of free resources including pictures, diagrams, worksheets, vocabulary sheets, mountain animals sheets and information on how to make models of mountains. What can your learners find out about mountain life and how the climate crisis is affecting mountain ecosystems? (Image taken from the 3dgeography website)

How NASA uses origami

This inspiring video from Seeker shows your learners how NASA engineers use origami, the old art of paper folding, to develop their spacecraft and equipment. Use it to help you celebrate World Origami Day with your learners on 11 November. Can they work out why it is so useful to scientists? (Image taken from a video by Seeker on YouTube)

Origami and science

Use this fascinating video from Nova to show your learners how origami can be applied in Science, specifically to predict how proteins fold.  You can use the lesson support ideas to celebrate World Origami Day (11 November) in class. They are designed to be used with 14-18 year olds.  Can they predict what happens if the proteins don’t fold correctly? (Image taken from the Nova video on the PBS Learning Media website)
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