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World languages in danger

Show your learners these videos (from describing linguistic diversity and multilingualism around the world.  You can use this atlas of languages in danger to celebrate Mother Language Day on February 21. (Image taken from the video by

Atlas of world languages in danger

This atlas tool can be used with your learners to explore the planet, investigate all the mother languages in danger of disappearing and discuss multilingualism and multiculturalism.  What better way is there to celebrate Mother Language Day on February 21. (Image taken from the web page

Protect yourself online!

Watch these videos (from about Hector and his underwater friends with your learners to help them understand why it is important that they protect their personal information when they navigate online. Celebrate Data Privacy Day (28 January) by helping your learners to navigate safely! . (Image taken from the video by

All about cyber safety!

This website with lesson ideas based on a cyber safety video (from will help your learners understand the dangers that they can encounter in cyberspace. Through characters of their own age, learners will learn about how to interact with their peers online in a healthy and safe way. Help them get ready for Data Privacy Day on 28 January! (Image taken from the web page

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