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How to get more women into science

Use this video from (Expect Everything) on YouTube to help your learners understand the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February). It shows them how few women work in STEM but also how we can change that so girls and young women can become successful in science. What kind of person do your learners imagine when they think of a scientist? (Image taken from a video by via Expect Everything on YouTube)

All about snow crystals

Use these beautiful videos of snowflakes grown in a laboratory by Professor Kenneth G. Libbrecht from his Snow Crystals website to celebrate World Snow Day (19 January). The site also has information about the science of snow crystals, ice and ice phenomena and also photos, videos and fun facts. Can your learners work out how many people on Earth have never seen snow? (Image taken from a video by Professor Kenneth G. Libbrecht on the website)

Fold mountains experiment

Use this fun video with an experiment from SciShow Kids to help your learners understand how fold mountains are formed and start to focus on World Mountain Day (11 December 2019). Can they think of any fold mountain ranges like this near where they live? (Image taken from a video by SciShow Kids on YouTube)  

Mountains matter

Use these great resources from to help your learners focus on World Mountain Day (11 December). It has plenty of free resources including pictures, diagrams, worksheets, vocabulary sheets, mountain animals sheets and information on how to make models of mountains. What can your learners find out about mountain life and how the climate crisis is affecting mountain ecosystems? (Image taken from the 3dgeography website)
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