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Take part on Peace One Day!

Use the video on this page to introduce to your learners the idea of using football, rugby, dance and DJ sets and other resources to prepare them to celebrate the International Day of Peace.  Then scroll down to ‘Sport’ to find a football-related lesson plan and to ‘Sounds of Peace’ to find a dance/music-related lesson plan.  The section ‘More Simple Ideas’ has even more useful activities to celebrate Peace One Day.  Which activities will your learners prefer?

An introduction to Peace One Day!

This video from the NGO Peace One Day summarises the aims and effect of the International Day of Peace and shows how people around the world celebrate it. Use it in your class to show learners how this day stops violence for one day in some places and raises awareness of tolerance and understanding in others.  It also gives ideas on how their school can get involved. (Image taken from the introductory video on website)

Shadow drawings by Vincent Bal

Use this video from Most Amazing Pictures to introduce your learners to the art of shadow drawings with fabulous examples from Vincent Bal.  Can they produce similar art of their own?(Image taken from the Most Amazing Pictures video on

All about desertification!

This comprehensive kit for Upper Primary teachers by UNESCO has a wide variety of activities to help learners understand what desertification is and also how to combat it in different areas of the world (including Spain) (Image taken from the website)

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